another day

me having a great day another time for fun

As an enthusiastic panty-raider and masturbator who favours teenage undies, I thought I'd share some thoughts on my hobby. By necessity, it's one I can only indulge in a few times a year, but I think it's worth the wait!

When a new family with a legal-age teenage daughter or daughters moves into our neighbourhood, I like to make a point of befriending the newcomers. As a friendly, helpful and outgoing guy, that friendship tends to come easily, whether it's chatting to the family over the garden fence, bumping into them in the street or the local supermarket or encountering mum and dad down the pub.
Once the relationship has been established, an invite into their home for drinks or a meal with my girlfriend usually follows. Of course, I always reciprocate. All part of getting to know them and making them feeling comfortable in my company.

House invites give me the chance to recce the target area. One of the couple - almost always the wife - usually insists on giving me or both of us "the tour" within ten minutes of arrival. That means I can do my groundwork and make future plans by sussing out where the dirty washing basket is kept - usually in the bathroom (jackpot!) or in the kitchen by the washing machine (more difficult to raid, but then that's part of the fun).
Quite often, of course, a teen will have her own washing basket in her bedroom ("Oh that's _____'s room - it's a bloody pigsty as usual!" says Mummy. "I won't put you through the ordeal of looking in there!")
Even so, a quick glimpse around an open door and a speedy recce often brings the result I'm looking for.
Bedroom baskets are much harder to access, of course, but given time that can be achieved. And the massive bonus is that the youngsters' undies will be the sole, uncontaminated occupants of the basket. Good times!

My favourite neighbours are a couple with two teenage daughters who all holiday in Mexico every January, getting away from it all after Christmas and New Year.
Such is our friendship and the level of trust which has been established that they leave a house key with us when they go away, so we can walk and feed their dog and keep an eye on the place. Well, my girlfriend only stays over a few nights a week, so the job usually falls to me. :)
Stripping naked and wanking my rock-hard cock until I shoot a thick load of cum while lying in a target's own single bed with a pair of her panties on my face is the ultimate thrill for me and I look forward to their holidays almost as much as they do!

I genuinely have no preference, although sometimes a particular pattern on a pair of knickers (like the wonderful Hello Kitty design, a number, or little pieces of fruit) will get me going. I've wanked using everything from large-ish pants (one neighbour's daughter is a sweet young 18-year-old fatty with a deliciously curvy bottom) to boxer-style pants, white cotton 'innocents', glamorous lacy lingerie and thongs and have enjoyed them all.

As for colour, I find that with white or pale-coloured cotton briefs, you're more likely to get a horny stain on your target's knicks. While I'm not turned-on by crusty patches or - god forbid - sk!dmarks, I do find a nice fresh lemon stain on the cunt area of the panties is very exciting visually (and usually means a heavy teenage pussy scent of cuntjuice and piss is saturating the crotch of the teenager's discarded undergarment. Mmmm. :) 
Summertime means bikinis. Man, I love summertime! All the advantages of above, plus there's always a heady whiff of suntan lotion. :) 

My favoured method is with two pairs of panties, preferably from the same target or a pair of siblings. One pair of of briefs goes over my face, with the cunt area covering my nose and mouth for deep sniffs and licks, while the other is used as a wanking "glove" - wrapped around my shaft and helping to bring me to orgasm. 
I don't normally ejaculate into the teen panties themselves or use them as a cum-rag - that way, they simply end up smelling of me. (Duh!)

My absolute favourite results so far have been experienced thanks to the 'Mexican holiday' neighbours mentioned above. Their long annual absence and my temporary ownership of their door key means I can go upstairs to the teens' bedrooms, strip naked and enjoy myself at my leisure - as I said earlier, masturbating to orgasm in their youngsters' beds while masked by a pair of her knicks and with another wrapped around my throbbing shaft is a major win!