Jim and Angela

I posted a story earlier about my first time with a couple, Tony and Jody

I posted a story earlier about my first time with a couple, Tony and Jody. They recommened me to their friends, Jim and Angela. I was fortunate because they lived in the Madison, Wisconsin area which is where I was living at the time.

I met them first at a coffee shop. I wanted to make sure we clicked and also to discover what Angela's likes and dislikes were sexually. We'd already decided this was going to be a fuck session, not the picture taking incident like I had with Tony and Jody. Angela was about 35, blond hair, brown eyes and a very pretty face. She stood about 5'5" and she was not thin, but curvy in all the right places. She was wearing a short sun dress and I noticed her legs were very nice. I also saw that because of the low cut area of her dress that she had very big tits-44D's to be exact. It wasn't until she stood up later that I saw her ass was rather wide, but nicely so. I immedialtelty could picture myself behind her, grabbing all that ass as I rammed into her.

There was plenty of ass to spank as well so my cock was twitching right way. I found out that Angela liked to suck cock, receive oral, be restrained, rough sex, hair pulling, spanking and dirty talk. She hesitated when I asked about anal. "We tried it and Angela didn't like it very much," said Jim. "Yeah, I don't know about that," she added. I did not take this as a NO so I decided to drop the subject. But I made a mental note to try it and see how it would go. I could tell Angela was getting excited just from talking about it. I told her to cross her arms in front of her and lean on the table, resting her arms on the table. Then I told her to close her eyes. I instructed her to pinch and squeeze her right nipple with her left hand so that it wouldn't be obvious to the other patrons in the coffee shop. "Harder," I said. "Pinch it harder." Angela squeezed and I saw her face grimace in a little bit of pain. "Imagine that's me sucking and biting your nipple." She moaned a little. Then I had her switch and do the same with her left nipple. "Are you wet?" I asked. "Oh, god yes!" she replied. "Are you wearing panties?" "Yes." "Ok, open your eyes. Now I want you to go into the bathroom. In the stall I want you to take two or three fingers and shove the crotch of your panties into your wet pussy, making sure you get your panties wet from your juices. Then take them off and bring them to me." "Really?" asked Jim. I gave him a mean look and said, "I'm talking to your wife. Now do it," I said to Angela. Jim looked a little troubled but Angela went to the bathroom right away. She returned a few minutes later, her face very red. She handed me the small thong panties and I slipped them into my pocket. "You'll get these back when we get together to fuck," I said. "But we haven't decided if we're going to get together with you or not," said Jim. "You've decide, haven't you Angela," I said. "Yes,"she replied. "Let's do it." I looked at her husband and smiled. We set a date for a few days later at their house. I arrived and Angela was wearing a short black skirt, light blue blouse and no shoes. Her blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was ready to be fucked, I could tell. I sat on their couch and Angela made us drinks. When she came into the room I told her to sit next to me. Jim was seated in another chair. At our first meeting Jim said he may join in but would probably just watch. Angela's body langauge told me she was very ready. The batting of her eyes when she looked at me and the little parting of her legs when she turned towards me on the couch indicated she wanted to fuck. We set out drinks down and I leaned over to her and grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her face towards mine. We began to french kiss. She was on my left and as I kissed her and bit her neck, my right hand was busy pinching her left nipple. Angela was making little moaning and cooing noises. She looked at her husband and I grabbed her face and pulled it more towards me and said, "Don't look at him until I tell you to. You're mine now." My right hand slid down and she responded by spreading her legs. I felt her wet pussy and was able to immediatley stick three fingers into her very wet cunt. Her moans became louder. My mouth stayed on hers. I wanted her husband to hear his wife scream out a muffled orgasm with our mouths in a hot embrace. It didn't take long after I put four fingers inside Angela's pussy and tickled her clit with my thumb. "MMMmmm! MMMMM!" she moaned. "Oh my god," said Jim. I pulled my sticky fingers out and showed them to Jim. "Your wife just came all over my fingers." Then I shoved them into Angela's mouth. She eagerly licked them clean. Then it was time to get down to business. I pulled her to her feet and ordered Jim to disrobe his wife. Soon we were both naked and I pushed Angela onto the couch, leaning against the back. She slid down as I knelt in front of her to give me access to her soaked pussy. I buried my face into her juiciness and licked and licked. Before I even touched her clit she screamed out another orgasm. Then I reached up and fondled and pulled her nipples and I got down to some serious pussy eating. As soon as my tongue touched her clit she screamed again. "Jesus," I heard Jim say softly. I then pulled her up to sit on the edge of the couch as I stood in front of her, my hard seven and a half inches right in front of her face. Jim got a towel and placed it under his wife since she was juicing up everything her pussy touched. She swallowed my cock all the way down. Angela bobbed her head up and down and I grabbed a handful of her blond hair just in case she decided to stop before I wanted her to. I held her head all the way down so that my cock was totally engulfed in her mouth. I held it there. Her hands pushed my thighs, trying to get away. That didn't work. When she started to choke I released her and she coughed and spit. That must not have bothered her because she quickly sucked me again. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, grabbed the back of her head with my left hand, and with my right hand I slapped my cock over her face. Then I shoved my dick back into her mouth and said, "Ok, you can look at your husband now." With her mouth full of my manhood, she looked over at Jim with her brown eyes which were now watering up. "Looks nice, doesn't it Hubby?" I said. Jim had his dick out and he just nodded his head and stared at his pretty wife sucking another man's dick with gusto. I pulled out and ordered Jim to get a condom out of my pants. He unwrapped the condom and I told him to put it on my dick. ThenI rolled his wife over and her hands were on the back of the couch and her head was down as I easily slid all the way into her pussy. She was so wet I almost couldn't feel like I was inside her. She must have felt something because after a few minutes of fucking she came again. Then I pulled out and grabbed some of her pussy juices and rubbed them onto her asshole. "I don't know," she said. I ignored her since she didn't say No and placed the tip of my dick onto her tight openeing. She squirmed. "She doesn't like anal," said Jim. "It's ok, Honey," she responded. Angela pushed back and little and after several minutes of slow fucking I was able to get over half my cock into Angela's tight ass. That felt better than her soaked pussy. She let me fuck her that way as I slapped her ass. She moaned loudly with every slap. I reached down and fingered her clit and she yelled," Oh fuck yes!" as she came again. I pulled out and pushed her flat on her back on the couch and straddled her chest. I had her suck me with the condom still on after just being in her ass but she didn't seem to mind. Then I removed the condom and tit fucked her. After some time I squeezed her big tits around my cock harder and shot a load up on her throat under her chin. I then quickly told her to put her chin down and open her mouth. I shot a second load onto her chin, mouth and in her nose. The third load landed on her left cheek. The fourth load landed on her chin and two more smaller loads landed on her chest. Jim obediantly got a towel for her to clean up but I said "No. Let it go." His wife had not swallwed the load that landed in her mouth so I told her that she could now kiss her husband. She smiled but Jim wasn't so sure. Angela walked up to him and planted a big kiss on him, I saw him close his eyes tightly as I'm sure he wasn't happy at having to taste my cum. I don't think he figured the night would go quite like this. I remembered that I had showered and fucked Jody before so I suggested that Angela and I take a shower. I told Jim he could come into the bathroom and watch. In the shower she sucked my cock until I came down her throat then I ate her to another orgasm. Jim had stayed in the living room. Angela put on a robe and escorted me downstairs. I got dressed and was about to leave, but not before we kissed more. I reached under her robe and fingered her to one more cum before I left. Then I said, 'Oh yeah. I almost forgot." I handed Angela her thong, with my dried cum on it


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